The Commodore Hotel
Mul-T-Lock Installation Case Study


Mul-T-Lock’s innovative Smartair standalone access control system has been installed at the Commodore Hotel in North Devon by local locksmiths, The Keyhole Surgery, who supplied and fitted the wireless solution to all rooms, with minimal disruption to guests.

Specifically designed for locksmiths, Smartair provides a secure all-in-one access control solution that reduces the cost and inconvenience associated with wiring a traditional access control system. No software or programming is involved, so user cards and fobs can be easily added or removed as required, using a unique management card. This makes it ideal for commercial environments like hotels, where a degree of people management is required.

The Commodore Hotel recently expanded to offer 25 rooms. The Keyhole Surgery recommended Smartair to the hotel owner as an easy-to-install access system that could be quickly fitted without disturbing hotel guests.

For added security, Nemef door latches from Mul-T-Lock were also mortised into the doors and used in conjunction with the Smartair units.

To download the full case study click here -> Commodore Hotel Case Study – Mul-T-Lock

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Commodore Hotel

Mul-t-Lock Case Study.

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